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From now through August 31st, 2020, when you sign up for Patient Credit Score Services you will receive a 30 day trial of Real-Time Eligibility at no charge!

Patient Credit Score Services gives you the information you need to make objective, ability-to-pay decisions that will help you present credit options to your patient. This soft check on a patient's credit will help decrease bad debt while optimizing your collections process.

Real-Time Eligibility instantly verifies a patient's eligibility and benefit information so you can offer better treatment options before you see your patients.

When paired together, these services will limit the contact between your staff and patients, help increase your case acceptance rate and lead to higher patient satisfaction.

Patient Credit Score Services

  • Receive patient's FICO Score and identify information
  • Quickly verify information to expedite the registration process
  • Improve revenue recovery and reduce bad debt
  • Five standard alert messages including Red Flags can help reduce fraud and identify theft
  • Soft inquiry on a patient's credit will not affect their credit score
  • Helps optimize your collections process

Real-Time Eligibility

  • Instantly verify a patient's Eligibility and Plan Benefits
  • Plan better treatment options before you see your patients
This is a limited time offer!

Call 800.576.6412 Ext. 455 to register and take advantage of a Free Month of Service.