EDI-Health Group, Inc. has developed a reseller program that allows value added resellers an opportunity for long-term residual income. As the leader in the use of Internet technology for electronic claims processing for dental practitioners, EHG brings a wealth of experience in service and support to the reseller. With no up-front costs, our reseller program offers the perfect complement to your current selling strategies.

With both Direct Data Entry (DDE) and Batch services, EHG allows a dental office to either enter claims directly via the web or to utilize most popular practice management systems to send claims. The only real requirement is a computer with Internet connectivity.

Bringing together products that will improve the financial well being of any dental practice is the key to your success. A reseller program that provides the tools and support to ensure your success is the key.

Our Reseller Program is designed to maximize your opportunity for profit. Upon acceptance as an EHG Reseller, you will receive a Reseller Kit that fully explains our program and provides numerous sales aids to jump-start your efforts.

Each Reseller will have access to our Reseller Sales System, a powerful web based sales force automation tool which allows us to communicate leads and opportunities with the speed of the Internet.

Best of all, we are here to help. If you are interested in joining our team, please share some information about you or your company with us by calling 800.576.6412 ext. 459 or completing our partnering contact form.